Someone's Got Some Debt to Pay

Unreal scenes over on the PS4 auction house


MT Transfer 101

There was a limited kaj that went for 1.9M

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or just a weird flex lol

obvious mt sale is obvious

Has to be, atleast they are being subtle about it

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Hahaha someone got a payday. Who cares about the Ban wave Hahaha

looks more like someone finally made the jump into freedom


can you imagine if he accidentally placed his bid on the wrong one? instead it was supposed to be the one ending to the left of it lol


this is so obivoous lol

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:joy::joy::joy:, bruh!!

i envy that guy.

Haha imagine if it was your random one they screwed up on as well and you were expecting 150k and got 1.6 mill, is be scared af I’m gonna get banned


To be honest though, even on Switch, yesterday there were 4 or 5 PD Shaqs going for 1mil - 1.3mil+ (I doubt all of these were mt transfers), a signature limited gilbert going for 850k, Couple of PD AD’s going for 750k, and etc.

In short, the switch market makes no sense at times like these.

You cant accidentally make such a high bid and have it close without someone else making an almost as high bid.

This sort of ultra high bidding requires collusion.

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I never understood why ppl moved MT this way and also how do they do it one person bids 1 mil then the seller bids 990,999 or sumn!

Also B Roy is a high value card so you’re using a 350k card for a mil deal?

The seller probably just outbids themselves.