Someone's favorite PG will be a Celtic

“[Wojnarowski] Walker, a three-time All-Star, is expected to be offered a four-year, $141 million contract from the Celtics when free agency opens Sunday at 6 p.m. ET – a deal that he’s increasingly likely to accept, league sources said”

Hey I’ll take it. He scorched Kyrie when they matched up this yr. He’s like Kyrie minus the drama.


And - some height, injury concerns.

Yeah people been talking about this Kemba Celtics thing for real the past couple of days. Seems like a perfect fit for both parties.

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yea thats a damn good “replacement” didnt he drop two 50 pieces this yr?

D’Lo headed back to LA probably then

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I love Kemba, just great dude all around. Can’t say about Kyrie.

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dlo was 3rd in usage i think. la wont ce getting crooklyn dlo sooooo

Danny gotta have a trade up his sleeve too. Just not sure who, probably a big

Could be getting Capela from my Rox.

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idk how the money would work, Steven Adams has been mentioned too

Capela much cheaper tho.

Dont @ me, but Kemba is better than Kyrie.:sunglasses:


Hes younger than I thought too. Not even 30 yet

Kemba is nice, but as history tells us he’ll be well declined by that 4th year. Too much money to spend on a small player that relies on athleticism to score imo. Good luck to Kemba though, cause he’s a real good person.

You dont always get all years at best from these FA’s most of the time. And the amount of good FA’s is scarce, gotta take what you can get and Kemba is a great get.

6th in usage rate. what the fucc is dlo gonna do as the 3rd option?

I doubt LA signs another max guy, theyd have no $ left for the remaining 9 guys. Dont wanna make this a Lakers thread tho, we got enough of them


He was willing to take less to stay in Charlotte because he loves the community. Got to wonder what happened with that situation. Kemba will be great in the first 2 years of that deal at least.