Someone to play with me?

Someone to play with me?

My first year on park , and yeah , it’s way more challenging than my team ! I feel that the people now the way better the mechanism of the game and how to play it .
I would like somebody to help me in game , and maybe to join 3s on pro am .
The park on my server it’s awful, barely no one to play besides good squads already made .
Iam sitting and waiting for somebody to play and other guard join me to play against a big :joy:it’s impossivle that way .
I will grind my badges one or two more day to be ready with HOF ones .
Iam 6 4 Pg offensive threat , I know if at least I join someone park outside of this server will be good :+1:I will enter on another server and I will roll , trying to increase my connections in a sense that at least allow me to play on another park , even if the people is playing with other can at least me put me in another server .
Iam from Europe portugal :+1:

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Agreed, Park players know little game mechanic things way better. But many are also super low IQ players for team ball. MyTeam has more high IQ people, but not really the same breadth of knowledge of animations/iso moves.

It hurts me to say, but the best 2kleague* player is probably better than the best MyTeam player. Though, there’s also a lot of overlap. The guy who lost the 250k MyTeam tourney last year, was the SG lock of the winning 2kleague team. Turnupdefense. I have a ton of respect for that guy, playing in the MyTeam and myplayer title games… that’s insane.


factual…comp in ante up and pro am is another level

I don’t have to try at all when I play myteam