Someone talk me out of this

Always looking to switch stuff up I’m currently running KD at the shooting guard because i have 98 dwade at point and 98 LeBron at SF.

I don’t maximize KD potential because of the ball handlers on the court, so I’m thinking about selling KD and getting Amy Klay since I’d be using them the same way and I can get a decent amount of MT for KD

Also thinking about selling my 97 Westbrook for 97 Curry. Thoughts?

Klay could be getting a 98 if he steps it up in the finals, that would drop his price immensely, they can’t add much to a KD (say if they release a 99) because the 98 pretty much has it all, he’s insane, the mixture of his three ball (includes 3 ball plays) as well as his inside game and his length on defense makes thunder KD one of the best cards I’ve ever played with, and I’ve played with most pink diamonds

The finals could be over in 5 games. So Klay has a short amount of time to get a diamond. Don’t get me wrong I think he should. But his 94 is basically a hidden diamond, so that’s why I’m thinking about making the move.

Don’t get me wrong I love KD. But I could use Klay the same way I use KD on my squad and KD cost 70-80k more MT than Klay

why sell 97 curry? heard he’s godly, and that westbrook is insane bro…

Thinking about selling my Westbrook for Curry. So one or the other. I like the Westbrook don’t get me wrong. No complaints just always looking to switch things up

I like swaping players when i get bored. So you get my voice. Do it.

Worse case you buy it back when market crashes.

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If I decide to go through with it. When should I sell my KD? There isn’t but one on the block right now

Just dont do it on Thursday or Friday when new cards drop.

Market is fluctuating so its hard to tell. It seems to recover few days after every crash back to normal prices, but high end cards can lose a lot of value.

How much is 97 Curry going for?

On xb1 low 100’s

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Wow that’s dirt cheap I might have to pick him up for my bench

Yeah very tempted to sell Westbrook to try him out lol

I liked his regular diamond was glitchy still only thing holding me back was I wish the defense was just a bit better, this one is just that. You still most likely gotta hide him on a shooter but he won’t be a huge liability anymore

I run a really legit zone so curry getting bullied around in the paint won’t happen because curry isn’t in then paint.

Honestly thinking about keeping Westbrook. Sliding my diamond dwade to the SG where KD is and getting curry as my starting PG

Cards of that tier tend to maintain value at all times but try to time it so it ends towards when people get home in the US

If you like KD I would keep him, klay will surely get an upgrade soon 2k isn’t going to miss out on that money train. His amethyst will most definitely lose value. I would stand put, maybe grab a ruby klay for the time being he’s still very good.

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