Someone talk me out of locking sets for 113 tokens

Alright I’m only 22 but through the family I’m a rockets lifer and damn I want Rudy T so bad. Yes I’ll admit I was against locking sets. In fact since 9/7 I’ve made about 400k not even sniping.

Anyways I have alot of MT, but it’s a principle thing lol. Has anyone tried Rudy T?

Sets are around 20-30k to lock hmmm? Sad part is I only like two of the ruby rewards. Played a guy online who had like all Amy’s so he didn’t use Rudy Much. I would obviously shoe him up.

If anyone thinks I’m a Hippocrate, I will admit I was against locking and it got me an incredible amount of MT.

Sad part is I blew 100k on rookie packs just to get Steph who I stupidly quick sold for 10k.

Im not exactly in a rush. Like I dont need him tn so I’ll be looking for good deals on players that are price fixed. I have the pelicans completed but I’m selling the entire thing. Don’t wanna lock an Amy.

Pippen and Eddie Jones rubys are nasty AF. Thats about all the help I can offer.

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Thanks man… think I’m about to try to get to AMY so I’ll have both.

Nobody calling you a ‘Hippocrate’ lmao

Makes sense to get a Tomjanovich, if that’s a big deal to you. If so, then do it sooner than later to get max mileage out of him.

Just don’t be disappointed when his shelf life doesn’t turn out to be long at all.

I mean dude I turned 10 boxes into 550k and a solid team. Grinding the AH between Dom got me into 1.1 mil. Only things I ever bought were like 5-6 diamond shoes. Dantoni and AD. And recently the entire pelicans squad.

Weve still got 11.5 months to play 2k. Dont make any questionable decisions. Hell ive only played 16 domination games & I’m 5-0 in whatever supermax is called now. I’m just flipping cards & grinding blacktop or whatever it is now. My main goal is to have 13 diamond contracts for my final squad & 10 shoes. Other than that…doesnt matter to me. If you like a player, lock him in…throw a shoe and contract on him & keep him all year. Worst case is he’s free to play with & can be your 12th or 13th man.

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Right. The thing is as someone who’s grinded the AH hard for a week, to get the best prices, you have to wait.

Let’s say if I’m going bin. I need 113… I need 6 sets.

Hopefully 20-30k each? So 130 looking at…

Ups my collector level (doesn’t matter to me) gives me a big jump into amy rewards

I give it about a month before everything in the token market is completely worthless

Nah…that Wilt will be relevant until playoff packs.

Have you done Domination for Tokens yet?

Yeah so like because I had all that MT, I was shoeing my guys but not badging. I like shoes on auctionable players but i agree about holding on to your MT. It’s just the Amy’s are gonna hold value because they’re going to be the best version until they have a moment. And it may take a serious moment because it would be a diamond .

The amy rewards arnt that special tbh, i run the rubys more then them. Marbury is nice tho and dirk can be solid, just slow in comparison to people running diamonds already. I have ruby bird over him. Depends what u want tho. I dont think these token rewards will hold up for too long. Ive goven up knowing how much MT ill lose to get ahead.

I am against locking sets unless I’m doing it for one of my favorite players. I doubt Rudy gets a better card so I’d go for it if there isn’t another way for you to get tokens.

Just the man I needed

Completed regular Dom.
Locked arenas
Locked the logos
Made 15 off some goals

Turned that into
10 emy 10 sapphire 1 Ruby with 13 tokens left

I think you can get to where you need, through Fantasy.

My position has always been not locking, but these players come with gold badges etc and until the season starts, it’s this or promos.

Have u tried Rudy? I mean he could suck and I’d still go for him but just wondering.

This reminded me of a late night we are 18 commercial ! Lol

Still only gets me like 60 tokens