Someone talk me out of buying Klay rn

I’m sitting on nearly 2M and could easily afford him but looking forward this 300k or so could come in handy big time for someone like Tmac or KD, etc. However, unless Klay has a performance that beats last night’s (highly unlikely), I don’t see him getting another card for awhile. It’s already a 95, any higher would be PD Tier. Do we really think his price is going to drop much at all? I mean… remember Limited Klay last year?

Wait till late at night. I got mine for 250. He sells for more during primehours. So u can get him. Try him.out. then sell.back for.maybe even more than u got him.for

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Just wait till 2-4am like I said

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Man PC is another beast…
I am sitting here with my 600-700k feeling Piss poor watching klay go for 600k-1.2m

True but yalls AH is fucked. And mt values are messed cuz of hackers

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What time zone?

Side bar: Lowry’s going to grab another double-double!

PST bro

well shiet. I’m gna need to be up on 2k around 5-7am! Thanks though haha

Guy is a walking double double. Siakam beasting on the boards. Jv putting up lots of points. Good game. Gotta clamp down for the rest of the game tho

I really want Klay too but damn lol not too interested in 2k rn until pd Hakeem

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@Awanz don’t do it man. You’re better than that

Exactly. Not that i personally would, but why would anyone buy VC from them for my Team to complete with cheaters in the AH.
On 2nd thought, a lot of peeps might not know that the price are not normal and it works in 2ks favor… Probably not but who knows.
Its not like they give a single fuck about us PC gamers

I have a similar amount of MT and see no reason to pull the trigger yet. There are barley any big name cards out yet, price is only going to go down. Unless you need him to pull or 12-0 it’s not worth it, he will be cheaper in a few weeks.

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I was gonna buy him he has sick shooting but I’m waiting for my boy tmac that can do anything ya herrrdd

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It’s just so tempting, I’m just refreshing 100k filter hoping to get lucky. :joy:


Just buy it. All these cards mean nothing in June/July. Cycle will restart. Fuck it

Then let me hop on your account and use him…

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Klay’s the only big card I haven’t been able to snipe yet :frowning: