Someone SELL me on PD Lin

My dumb ass is tempted to lock him in for the all time rockets team but I need someone to SELL me on this.

I need to be SOLD.

Hes 6’3.

Sell me on why i should sell you


Josh smith at the 1 is why u should sell

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No deal howie!

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I’m on the fence, cause the glove is still fun for me

I locked for one reason.

1 more card toward Giannis.


How much do you need the MT? If you got it like that, might as well go for it.


And this right here is a man with sound reasoning.

Sell me on why you should sell him

You spelled PD Kobe wrong

He has HOF Lob City Finisher and 1 Alley Oop Tendency


I mean id rather run my limited Arenas anyday over Lin, he got no shooting badges and to lock that mt up would be only if you really dedicated on having him that bad

Does he have Base 11?

Answer: No.

Plus he is not worth it at 6’3. My Magic will eat your Lin alive any day of the week

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I have been UNSOLD


Gary Payton is the best pg in the game…

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I’m a Houston lifer and he wouldn’t make our top 25 list. That should be enough for you if all time rockets is all you’re going for .

using melo or pippen is gonna make me GAG but I have no choice

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Melo? Wtf is wrong with you

He played 6 games.

Really this will be my main online team and I need some offense. Harden Tmac Josh Hakeem Yao is fine for starters but my bench would be mad weak.


I need a 3 for my bench if I don’t move harden to the bench.