Someone post Lamar Odom 100k BIN

My last piece to my all Kobe teammate squad… :pensive:

I don’t really care about amethyst glen rice

no one will post hi for a buyout and you’ll probably need 150K-200K because of how rare he is

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He’s an actual bucket though, his duo with Kobe is nice and I promise Odom is money from the corner haha


Even if someone did, the chances of the person you want to buy it actually getting it are slim.

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I have him since he was released. Sold Giannis after realizing how good he is. (also locked lol). Rebounding is poor but he can hit open 3s that is a nice gain.

Back to back was a good set to lock in. I still use my Odom, Rodman and Thomas.

I love these posts where people ask for cards that would obviously be picked off by snipers