Someone Please Save Bradley Beal

Bro it ain’t your fault.

Somebody help this man. This is just sad at this point.


Well for one, they’re missing half the roster.

They’re not far from being good give them another year

They are much further than a year away from competing for a title

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Like that roster is worth a damn


I’m talking being in the playoff hunt

Beal has to be over wasting his prime years hunting for a playoff birth as his team’s ceiling

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Unless the NBA passed that proposal to have a tournament to see who gets the #1 overall pick and I was unaware, they’re years away from any postseason threatening.

Gary Harris, Will Barton, Bol Bol, RJ Hampton, 2 picks for Beal


They would still do better, chill. It’s all ain’t that serious anyway.

I know it’s not super serious. But damn, I don’t think I’ve seen an organization do a star talent worse than Beal since maybe late-era KG with the TWolves

I’ve claimed Beal is the most underrated player in the league the last 3 years. Sucks to see his prime years being wasted man. Imagine this guy getting the easiest looks he’s ever gotten playing next to 2 stars instead of being the only focal point of a defense every game

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I don’t think other teams are offering the goods for him. And while we’re at it we need to stop acting like Tyler Herro is second coming of Jesus.

I hope Heat dosent get him and gets Dipo who’s is 2x less of Beal and 4x less of Harden.


Yeah the Herro love affair is kind of hilarious. He’s basically a much shorter Hedo Turkoglu which is extremely valuable but it ain’t something untouchable in a trade.

Well they got WB, the fuck you talkin about :rofl:

Lakers need him

Murray, Beal, MPJ, Jokic. Dynasty


Sad enough John Wall is not that crazy good, but compared to WB he is.

i hope the heat gets him. idc about ppl saying otherwise