Someone Please Bid On My Kobe lol

I have a 98 Kobe I put up for 12 hours last night that still has zero bids and he ends in less than an hour lol. Someone should go make a bid… worst case scenario you win a cheap, badged out Kobe you can flip lol.

Edit: on PS4.


He’ll climb at the end, I had the same thing happen

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It’s on PS4.

nooo kins why would you drop that kobe???

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Thank the lord… it’s weird because the cards ending before have bids, and the ones right behind mine have bids (and those are base cards). I’m hoping 2k isn’t doing shady 2k things and hiding it or something lol.

I swear 2K posts cards to like decrease or regulate the flow and value. 2 times I’ve had my card posted, and another card had the exact same time as mine down to the second.

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The card is fucking awesome, but he was turning into an expensive role player, honestly. If he was in my first unit (benching T Mac), he was hardly touching the ball with PD Magic, PD KD, and PD Giannis on the floor with him. If he was in my second unit (starting T Mac), he was not getting the ball enough because of PD Baron, PD Lebron, and Malone. I just put PG13 in his spot and my team chemistry worked just as well. I’ll probably update diamond Dirk to the PD with the MT, or just wait to see who crashes the market next. I only have 36k MT until Kobe sells since 95% of my cards are locked lol.

I will bid up to 150k but someone always comes in last minutes and bids it up so don’t worry

Awesome… thanks! I’m guessing it was you, but there’s at least a 100k bid showing now lol. 20 minutes left.

Whats the bid on now im tryna buy a kobe

I didn’t realize Kobe was going for that cheap so he can be hard for around 160-175 nowadays?

Just jumped to 134,939k with 15 minutes left.

Apparently so lol… he was going about 225k last night.

Man if I wasn’t at work I’d totally be all over this. It’s a hell of a deal! I already have with with curry highs but at that price, I’d hold onto it and flip it.

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He dropped pretty hard yesterday. Pulled two yesterday with Mt. One with the white and blue Kobe ad mids only got 165k, then the base one brought back 161k

He ended up going for 180k… I’ll take that. A big thank you to anyone that helped with a bid!

Now can I borrow 100k :slightly_smiling_face:

Haha… I wish I could. Selling that Kobe only brought my MT bank to 199k lol. I’m a broke boy right now.

Oh right, I forgot you have only like every PD :slightly_smiling_face:

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