Someone paid this for BRoy?

This just finished on ps4… 543k for limited Broy??? His been around 300k… even the next Limited Broy in 10mins is only at 160k now

GG to whoever paid 543k lmao

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MT transfer?


I was looking at getting him and he was like 300k more than the one ending before him

Prolly some idiot made a crazy top bid just to secure the card and then someone went to go do the same and found that he had actually outbid the guy by only a little bit.

Has happened to me before.


Here’s a pretty subtle attempt of an MT transfer


Most likely a confluence of two guys who wanted him very much but who both were unaware of going rate.

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LMAO now that is a dumb move… u would think they can choose a card that isnt a buy now at least…