Someone help a brother out lol

I need to borrow some MT to get AK and I’ll give it back to you after I get him and sell stuff back :joy::joy::joy:

we went from 12-0 services to tto open pack services(business is boomin) to mt loans… whats next? loans + interest or do we skip this part and go next level?
gl anyways :slight_smile:

I’d consider doing it. How much you want? I’ll probably ask for it back during the next crash.

I’m 200 cards away so I’m guessing 300-400k if your serious lol

Loans on mt lol about to hit the finance 101

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Let’s see if this works… @Carlo221 can you please??

Why dont u just buy mt u can sell the mt back when your done


lol we both need the $$

How my bank account is set up :joy:

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Did anyone help me get ak… and even want to not like 2k16 where u can move mt get bad no worries 2k hiting that ban hammer…

Would someone do $15 for 400k (with taxes included hopefully) and you get the MT back after I sell everything, hopefully before Sunday .

You get $15 and your MT back

You could have just said no :slight_smile:

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Lol last thing we need are AR balances over members heads

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Dude the satisfaction to get AK is much higher if you reach this goal by yourself.

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the only problem with this is that i doubt i believe i’ll get the 400k back in good time