Someone give me a REVIEW on Ray Allen

Please may I have a review? someone SELL me on it.

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He is the all time leader in 3 pt fgs.


Check out “welcome to the game Jesus”

He is a really good slasher and depending on if you like his release or not can be a pretty damn effective 3 pt shooter. Solid from mid range and pretty good on defense. Really just depends if you like the release or not.

Same as every year. Good defense and slasher…worst release for a 90+ 3pt fg shooter I’ve ever shot with in 2k. If you can time his release right every time, he’s worth every penny. Not many can do this

His releaseis much easier this year not as bad as last year. Bucks Ray Allen was a beast. As is this card. I’m Phil and I support this message.

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His release is not bad, nor hard to time imo, the problem is that he brings the ball down to his knees after catching it and that makes it very slow.


He has delivered for me so far- obviously an excellent shooter (off the dribble as well), can go strong to the rack if needed too. No liability on defense whatsoever.

I had him, tried him, told him

This is not the Ray I was looking for! Lol

He pretty much would get lost on a screen still a great shooter if you know his timing, but I know know if I go against someone who runs him, call a play will multiple screens and hes like a bicycle through an automatic car wash

His shot is dog shit

I just picked him up, and he feels just like his cards last year. He’s a good slasher and a great shooter. I don’t actually mind his release, it feels pretty good off the catch. I would definitely try him out

I guess I’m in the minority, but I love his release.

try his release in 2ku, I quite like it and he replaced Wally for me

Again. To me his shot is way better this year. I couldn’t make anything with him last year. This year hes killin it for me.

His shot is easily better than last year. It has the same funky wind up but seems way more forgiving with greens and shot success on early/late timing compared to 2k18 Ray Ray. He bangs deep 3s with ease for me this year but bricked so many in 2k18. I kept pulling his PD (probably 6 times) last year, every time giving it another chance before selling without hesitation. This Amy should stick in my lineup for a while.

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picked him and ai pd up last night , in about 7 games vs cpu ,ai going back too the auction house, ray can hit the 3 so much better ,he dunks ,ai can drive and draw fouls better but 33 k to 160k a no brainer for me i love ray for the price , best card i have is jr with a 3 point contested shoe on and diamond steve kerr jr is money hittin 3s from eveywhere