Someone bid up the PD Durant with 58 minutes left

Lol a brother needs the MT

What’s he at


Are you serious? Tell me what he ends at

Fuck if I had the MT i’d Buy

Yep about to end to

What’s he at

600 something I think

You’re fine

Like only a few min left

They been ending around 900k

This joint bout to end for 600k lol I’m done

Looks like I’m out. About to have some MT for sale

I think a lot of the whales have been selling off their MT so there just might not be a lot of big spenders left anymore.

It jumped to 800 on the one second mark. Not exactly what I wanted but I’ll take it

Atleast you weren’t the dude who’s just ended for 570k

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Yea he salty

Now I gotta try to buy him back and sel again tomorrow

Dude unless you dropped a couple hundred mt opening packs… take the win… there’s a ton up on the AH his price might settle around PD Lebrons price or lower


Yea I guess your right