Some Tough Love Regarding the LeBron Code Fiasco

I want to preface what I’m about to say by acknowledging how much I appreciate this community. The people here are generally very helpful and do what they can to look out for one another. Not long ago we had members willing to catch a banhammer if it meant sticking up for what they believed was an unfair banning of some of their fellow community members. Comradery like that doesn’t happen in every online community and I just wanted to give credit where it is due.

With that out of the way, I think it’s time we put into perspective what 2K really thinks about us. Based on their behavior, both in this situation and countless others, it is very apparent to me that our community is little more than a joke to them. They have told us in the past that they shutdown for Christmas but the moment 2K sensed players enjoying the game in way that could hurt their future VC sales they slapped us without warning. So much MT was unjustifiably taken from players that did nothing wrong. It only seems fitting that 2K would fuck up this badly and take so much from us on Christmas day. After all, its what they do. But this situation isn’t all 2K’s fault. Our community is culpable in this. Not because we used the code but because we not only enable 2K to treat us like shit, but we embolden them to go further and further anti-consumer so long as they continue to drip feed us new content to spend VC on. 2K wouldn’t pull shit like this so nonchalantly if our community had any sort of a backbone. The same people talking about boycotting 2K today will be buying VC the moment new packs are released. If we as consumers don’t make 2K feel how pissed we are in their wallet they will never pay us any respect and we will continue to get the same copy/paste responses to every complaint we issue to them.


EDIT: Because it is unclear for some why people are mad about this let me clarify. While it is annoying that they snatched the card from everyone, that is not the reason people are pissed. We are mad that we invested MT into a card that was deleted without warning. If we weren’t meant to have the card they could have easily had someone issue an official statement on their Twitter. If they can get someone into the office quick enough to change the code reward into a free agent card shortly after the code leaked there is no excuse for not giving us a heads up that the card would be deleted.


This is going to be an unpopular opinion.

2K has done a lot of greedy things. But in this case I don’t think they are in the wrong.

None of us should’ve had that Lebron card. If you put on badges and shoes on him, and it got taken away, i feel for you, i really do. But you should’ve known there would be risk on a card you shouldn’t have had.



From what I see on social media, people are going to be making sure the dickheads over at 2K have plenty of work to do after they get back from their break. What pisses me off is that they’ll try their very best to not do anything and pretend like nothing happened. It’s bullshit at it’s very best, and somehow 2K finds a way every year to piss on their consumers.

They don’t care, they haven’t cared for a while, and this is just going to keep happening over and over because of it. It was one of the more scummy things I’ve seen 2K do over the years, and that’s saying something.


For me the issue is the lack of communication. They should have filled in that community manager role from when LD2K left. It is inexcusable the lack of communication that we receive when there are these types of blips.

Im not sure its fair to assume that everyone who got the card understood that 2k didnt mean to release the code


To be fair, anytime 2k has accidentally distributed an incorrect card in the past, it was never taken away. Diamond Shaq last year from the challenge never got erased. Neither did the hundreds of PD hardens that got pulled during the glitch.

Going off past experience, it’s perfectly understandable people expected to keep this card, even if it wasn’t meant to be released.

I personally dont care that much since I rarely play anymore anyway. But it really is a slap in the face to all of the kids who got 2k yesterday and were gifted an amazing card, only to have it snatched away. You can’t expect children who got the game for Christmas to know better than to apply shoes or contracts to this card. For that reason alone, there should be some form of compensation issued.


If would not have cost the company much to have great PR by letting people keep the card. Put things in place to make sure it never happens again but do right by your customers.

I get that. But honestly is it so bad that they took away a PD card that everyone has?

Do people really want to play TTO 2 vs 2?

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No but I also dont think it would hurt for them to compensate the MT that people spent on the card. If they do that then its no harm no foul

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They must still be scared shitless after Hardengate last year…but it was basically an un-auctionable mediocre Lebron card?

I think they should refund any badges/shoes…but otherwise who really cares? This is like a 25k MT card if it was auctionable?


Their compensation would be a joke.

They offered some dude who spent like $500 on packs 30K MT.

What do you think they will offer for a free card nobody should have had?

Literally nobody cares about the whole “Lebron on every team” type of thing. It was a gift to the community, a gift put under the tree, opened with much joy and then later stolen by the Wet Bandits.


The difference here is that i think a walmart worker released the code. It didn’t have anything really to do with 2K. Not saying they shouldn’t have any accountability over this.

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Thats totally different though. When you rip packs you understand the risk there is. They shouldnt even have compensated him 30k MT honestly. It was generous they did.


If these fools who bought vc would just do the glitch then 2k would learn not to pull this fuck shit. Hurt they pockets then they would learn


In that case, I can understand them removing the card. If there is a partnership in place where the code is an incentive to buy something.

It doesn’t change the fact that there should be some form of compensation though. Doesn’t have to be a lot. Could have just gifted everyone a diamond lebron, or an amethyst at the very least. None of those cards are too overpowered right now.

I think it was for one of those Mcfarlane 2K19 toys. Thats the thing. Its their own stupidity for making the code unlimited/not unique per toy.

Shoutout to the Walmart employee for blowing shit up though! haha…bit of a cult hero now.


He’s not i think he was asking for donations for the codes…then ripping jordan packs.

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I know I’m coming off as a villain saying what they didn’t isn’t that bad.

But I have bigger issues with 2K and the game than them taking away a card i shouldn’t have had.

Their greed goes far beyond this.