Some thought on ppl leaving 2k

I completely understand why we see people daily dropping out…
last two monthly rewards have been horrible, and it’s a serious slap how they drop basically a unusable westbrick after just a week earlier dropping a solid card for him

Last night I hopped on madden, made about 150k just playing games online against people…

The only reason I don’t quit 2k is because I have another game like 2k to play to break up the slow times
I’d suggest rather than people selling the teams just sell when cards are high and take a week or two off and spend it playing something else or actually leaving your parents basements white lawn chair


this is weirdly specific



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In past years, I think more with Madden than MyTeam, I have done huge sell-offs and basically sat on the coins. Came back a few months later and was amazed at the team I could put together with the same currency. Because they release content so slowly it doesn’t seem like anything new is happening but in the aggregate it can be a ton of new cards and very refreshing if you just step away for while.

Lol madden is garbage this year


Yeah, when MyTeam is boring I just play park/JRC. When I get bored of that, I go get my ass kicked in Apex.

Pickup is my favorite, so that’s usually enough to get my bball fix. I enjoy MyTeam when it’s engaging, but there’s been nothing to play for in a couple months now, so I just don’t play it.

Can’t imagine only doing MyTeam, not nearly enough to do.

Would love if we could organize some 2kgamer MyTeam tournaments to give us something to do. Just feels like there too much lack of interest right now to get people motivated for that.

Why do you say this? I haven’t played in 3-5 years now, but i have been hearing a lot more good things about it this year.

I gotta say it again I started MT late on purpose around the ASG. Best decision ever. This game is insanely fun like this. I didnt deal with the slow drip of cards. Im fully determined to finish All Time dom and just playing the market and building a stronger team.

I remember having a 97 ovr in MUT 16 just from playing offline challenges

No one disrespect lawn chair best chair available


gameplay is broken i dont like how youre forces to run chemistries and the whole training thing. the way they put out content this year is also weird. the meta is always trash. i quit the earliest ive ever quit this year

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Problem with that is dom must be as mind-numbing as schedule challenges are now when you can afford an amethyst after one game. Unless we were rolling in MT, we went through 33 games to get one in September. The beginning of the year is the best part *of the mode imo


Gotcha, thanks for answering. Meta being what, nano-blitzes? Tight end crosses? 5 wide? If that’s it, then no reason for me to come back… that’s a big reason why i left. They also perfected their “player engagement” earlier than 2K did.

I loved Madden 18 and quit 19 after a month…not sure what everyone is running now in Madden, but in the beginning it was just trips fk screen wheel and then draws/inside zone. Then a few variations or audibles off of those plays. Last year it was bunch weak or whatever it was. Just got old.

I quit I think before September even. On the other hand I have been trying to quit 2K for about three months, but I can’t.

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Much much more people would leave if it wasn’t for the forum.


I agree so much @Ddrop ! Lol


I honestly was about to sell this game 2 months ago. Then remembered i have it digital, so I’m stuck with it for life

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Yeah, the forum has a LOT to do with my involvement in MyTeam. Without it, I would have never gone for Giannis or even still be playing.

The way basketball is today in the media is different how it used to be, football used to have the living legends playing, so madden got much more exposure because of it, now we got things in the nba never seen before, super teams, lebron, curry, KD, harden, giannis, bigs that can shoot, 2k is taking advantage of that, plus, we don’t talk about it, but they do a great job with incorporating legends into the game, I may have seen 34 players that retired in madden, while 2k will give you 34 retired players in the first month

2k legends rosters are one of the things that makes them money every year, ppl always want to know who could score more in a game between Harden and Tmac or if Curry could shoot on Payton