Some things I want to know from 2k that would give us all something to look forward to

Why are there no moments challenges. Remember a few years ago when they had a bunch of challenges for all star weekend that gave out like 30k mt and a free card?

How about some updated weekly challenges at least?

Are we getting more spotlights?

Overall we need more offline content. Its become stale.

Who is the new rewards for all collecting all POTM, Prime II, and spotlight III

When will there be another token reward update?

Ive asked on Twitter but these guys ignore ppl like me.

Maybe we can tag some youtubers since theyre the only ones they answer

Idk what shakes or any other youtubers tags are here but i know they visit these forums

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Was the all star moments challenges not Shaq gate?

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I feel like they just winging it


When everyone rips packs anyways, why try?

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They can’t tell Bc if you don’t like the player, and you quit playing or quit buying packs Bc of it. They lose money. And let’s be real. We almost got a perfect KD yesterday, who could they drop in June that would really matter at this point.

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we don’t know for sure if we are getting a spotlight 3 yet so why do we need to know the card yet?




No ones gonna quit, because they wont get a card they wanted or were disappointed by card on sole week, lets be real. In Madden they got daily show and their employees interact with peeps and tell shit. I rather be disappointed with release, but be able to plan ahead than still get disappointing release just without knowing when or why.

The lack of transparency by this company is just next level.


I mean I think ray turned off a lot of ppl from locking in prime 1, if they made ray Allen a prime player and Tracy the reward. More ppl would of locked it.

You’d be surprised with many people locked in for Ray. MT can be hand in abundance this year if you play a lot. And set reward Opal and fairly good card. Sure they could have done better and i get your point. But i like getting news of whats coming next, regardless if its good or bad.


Same. It’s probably not for my reasons. I’m just a cynic, they probably just have no idea who to drop to be comparable at that point with this power creep.

It annoys everyone that they have no idea when and who to sell to keep up with the market, if you’re not total budget baller you’re constantly losing MT.