Some teach me how to Offball

Just sick and tired of dudes doing it to me, really dont understand how the cpu plays such good d, literally plays so close to me i cant move and they bump me the whole time, what is this defense? Like dudes not changing settings or anything they legit just making some switch idk what it is. Like last year i know it was half court press made it almost impossible to blow by , what is it this year?


Onball D reactions are so slow now it’s hard to onball this year


Get Yao and camp by the paint

I think it’s smother/deny ball. That’s what has changed the settings for me to make my guys press at half court.

But I do agree, it sometimes feels like guys achieve these settings without pausing first, so I’m not really sure.


Click on your center, then sit down your controller, eat a snack and watch the Magic. Before you know it you will be up 67-0.


yea bro thats what im saying legit dudes dont pause it has to be something

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I dont do it, but from what I can tell if you are jamming the steal button with your off ball player the whole defense plays super aggressive and jumps passing lanes.

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someone runs by most of my players half of the times that I switch to them, right after I switch, since the defender moves in some random as direction and I can’t stop their momentum


man the player that camps in the corner, and just keep switching to the most motionless player

Lol, I’ve scrolled through my oncourt setting so many times seeing what I haven’t tried.

I haven’t found any setting that does this. But I’ve seen people make quick adjustments without pausing, so I know exactly what you’re talking about.

I’ve just been stumped about it, and pick smother/deny if I want. But I stopped with it, because guys would just offball cut/handoff me to death. I’d rather just user contest pull up 3s from SGs, and figure it out from there.

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also u know the gameplay mechanics are trash this year if someone like @OGxSuave is making a thread like this


There is literally a force field that pushes my defender out of the way when I’m onballing and the offensive player does the simplest dribble move.


You can play better D by not pausing sometimes depending on how the “SMART” adaptive AI adjusts. By using L1 you can switch match-ups and pressure for each player. With the D Pad you can change everything else.

If you switch up that stuff and leave the AI to adjust pick and roll settings it can be very effective sometimes. If it’s trash just do it manually.

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According to @smithboys1 @nehenry11 knows how to offball pretty well ask him !


If I leave adaptive on my guys start double teaming screens.

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@OGxSuave the setting you’re looking for is setting the defense to “no threes”. When on defense, right on the d-pad, RT/R2 to scroll to 2nd page, Y/Triangle to set “no threes”.

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Like I said I leave it and see how they do and change it if they play stupid. Every once in a while it works perfectly.


More like half the time.

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Oh shit, this might be the setting we’re looking for.

This is the only one I don’t mess with, because I don’t want to accidentally fuck up my defensive assignments, lol.

Nah, no threes doesn’t make them do what @OGxSuave is talking about.