Some/Most TTO offline rewards are EVO cards

Per Two bros gaming

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PD serge becomes a GO, Crawford becomes a GO as well I believe

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So diamond J Will can be an opal?

I believe so

Does someone have a list of all the TTO offline reward cards?

Hot damn. Well, this should persuade more people to grind it.

Damn! Thats nice.

White chocolate making a comeback this year.

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All significant ones are

GO Dominique Wilkins
PD Serge Ibaka
Diamond Jamal Crawford
Diamond Jason Williams
Amy Desmond Johnson

I dont see him say ALL of them are Evos he just said they are all Offline rewards which confirms that board is for offline only

Shake man, don’t ruin my dreams this fast. I’m hitting behind the back elbow passes on everyone

Jamal Crawford going to be real nice

He says PD serge becomes a GO through as well as others you’ve seen?

Bruh lmaoooo GG



GO Ibaka is gonna create some nightmares for some of you. Can’t wait!

Yes other Evo Cards… Not every card though lol

I’m grinding the fuck out of offline TTO

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Damn this years going to be a shit show by January lol.
Are they doing moments cards? Alex Caruso’s going for 30 one night and getting an opal


The title has been fixed