Some Invincible Cards I Made


Those look fire my guy. U have some nice talent!

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Thank you!


I like the designs man, they look clean

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Nice, but the players are covering too much of the secondary face portrait.


yeah, you covered most of the face portrait and its like become distractions instead of being secondary focus or highlight.

I need this DRob

Ye I agree. They sick but just gotta move the main pics over to the right so we can see the background pics

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talent man! these are awesome

That DRob art is fire. They def need Drob Invincible card… the lvl 40 opal DRob is still useable 2 seasons later.

I would say these cards look fire, but your pfp bro…

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Yea this is the only criticism I have. That can be touched up rather easily. Excellent job though

You really bullied this guy into removing his Michigan state PFP :sob:

Nah, I’ve wanted to remove it for a while, but I didn’t know what to replace it with.

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Yeah, nothing against you. Just some friendly ribbing from a college that is better in every sport. Go Blue

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That DRob is my favorite card this year by far. I use him still in every single game I can lol

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