Some duo reviews - add them

Been running a few duos to see how they run,

Wow, definately the best duo out. I have the rebound shoe on magic and play him at the 4. Gotta admit he would beat any other power forward if you have the green adidas shoe.

I hated Duncan, I actually refused to use him pre duo. But damn, him at the 5 and Kawhi at the 2/3 is insane, they both come lights out with there shots and defense ( which I value the most) Kawhi is a better PD Jordan and less then the OP one.

Loved this duo the first few games but now starting to like it less. Don’t expect too much more from durant, Klay plays a lot better and can defend the 1-3. But end of the day, if the momentum isn’t swinging your way, they will still miss open shots, so since Klay has no inside game, this duo might have to go and just run KD solo.

Currently trying the wall and cousins duo and noticed wall plays how you expect him too. Cousins doesn’t play well at the 5 but at the 4 he’s solid. Didn’t realise he doesn’t come with defensive stopper at all which really makes him a straight up shooter or for screens

Do you have pip?

Unfortunately no. Would of loved to of had that duo to give a review on, but I’d say he be a better Kawhi tho

Damn. Sucks more people can’t try this duo.

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Best duo definitely. Glad I got it for such a good price


I agree, I would of ran it even if the duo was with Amy that made him a diamond. But the new mj is way better then og Pd mj

I know he’s able to do everything but what area is he excelling for you?

PD Duncan with or without duo is absolute booty. Doesnt get boards, gets postered everytime, and just doesnt feel like a 95 3.

I just picked up Simmons to pair with my Embiid. Think I’m gonna like Simmons more than magic. I should have been playing magic at the four tho smh

I’m using Simmons/Embiid, T-mac/Grant Hill, Magic/LeBron, and Kobe/Shaq. I also have Klay and Moncrief on the bench to duo with KD and Giannis, but they don’t really get on the floor.

Simmons/Embiid everybody knows about. T-mac/Grant Hill I decided to try because I has both guys already locked into sets. And wow, you really see a big difference with both players offensively and defensively. They make plays all over the floor. Magic/LeBron makes Magic even more unstoppable. I have Magic with Currys, and his 3 pointers were a little inconsistent even though the ratings were 99/99/99. But with the duo, it seems like his 3 ball became money. Shaq/Kobe makes Shaq usable again, especially with the free throw boost. You have to live without him shooting 3s, but he’s so physical it makes up for it.

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Anyone try Embiid and Simmons

I disagree about Duncan, and I’m really against giving any props to that card. I do agree about his 3 but his shot is slower and I’m not use to it yet,

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Defensively definitely, he locks the fuck down. Cash from the corners after I added deep range deadeye and he’s lightning quick with the ball in his hand heading to the rim. I have Giannis with the white Kobe’s so he’s super quick with the ball in his hand and pip feels faster. Rebounds great for me too. Worth way more than the 300k I got the set for last night

Mj and Amy pip makes pip a beast

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I have reward Simmons. I’m not spending on another Simmons. Embiid with orange addidas was already a beast. I shouldn’t have sold him last week on here lol

Damn, that would be insane, you need to put magic Jordan pippen and lebron on the floor at the same time with hakeem haha I notice that some players run quicker then others, like KD and Magic both feel faster then super Saiyon lebron

RWB with 98 KD for those who locked him in. rwb an animal, and KD basically becomes pd KD

PD MJ/Diamond Pippen is almost too good. I mean MJ obviously does not get a boost, but Pippen with all 98’s for stats is maybe the most fun card I’ve used all year.

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That’s my starting lineup, I have orange addidas on Hakeem and if not I put in Kat with grey Kobe’s and it’s a wrap

Thats an ok game. Every dog has its day. Ive had good games with him too. Just saying it how it is. Duncan is booty. Man is laying on the ground after getting postered half the game. Most times Duncan for me is lucky to record a stat before half time. Everyone goes over the top and flys in for off rebounds on him. Believe me, i know how to manually go get boards and Duncan just cant. Lebron usually has more than him.