SOLD - PS4 MT - $4/100k


paypal only, not selling to brand new members


I didn’t buy from him today but I have many times in the past, he definitely one of the best Mike Tyson agents up here

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Great seller, super nice guy also

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Bump, restocked.

300k is available

bump. 200k available.

Get yourself some MT for the incoming GOATs tomorrow.

1 million MT available.

I would like to buy 200k but i don’t have PayPal. Is cash app or zelle an option?

All gone.

back in stock, got 1 mil available.

pmed u

Man’s legit as they come.

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will update if more MT is available

I should have MT available for when goat packs drop, not selling as of now

Huge vouch. Bought 200k

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got 300k available.

Out for now. should have some tomorrow or friday

100k available if someone wants if for $7.5

I’ll take it

300k available

All out. Probably done for the year, catch y’all in 2k21