SOLD OUT! PS4 MT For Sale $13 for 110K

SOLD OUT! PS4 MT For Sale $13 for 110K


Vouches to @Kobe6Rings, @AWWelker, and @Tim_Forkin for doing business with me these past few days. All super legit buyers!

Hey guys,

Been trying to sell off what’s left in my collection since I’m done with the game. Don’t have much MT left right now, but I do have 220k.

I’ve bought MT once on here, but never sold. Can promise I’m not looking to rip anyone off though.

$13 for 110k. I’m thinking list a diamond or amy (or 2) at this point for a total of 100k. Then list another card for 10k.

PayPal friends/family first unless you’re a well known member with good rep, in which case I’m willing to purchase your cards first since I’ve never sold before. If any frequent buyers/sellers see something I’m doing wrong, please let me know!


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Bro i would like to buy your MT

220k more in stock. 13/110k.


Sold out again. Should have more in a day or so. Thanks guys.

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sold out

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