Sold out! (Details Inside!) **One of the Most Trusted Sellers** 🀝 Details Inside (Over 2125 Positive Reviews!)

Sold out!

Payment Methods:

  • PayPal Friends and Family USD payments only and will only will sell to you via PayPal if you have good buying history on your 2KGamer Account.
  • Skrill (No fee for USA Customers)
  • Canadian Etransfer
  • Crypto BTC or ETH
  • CashApp BTC (Must have a Verified CashApp BTC Wallet)
  • I do not have CashApp, Venmo, these are only for USA Residents.

Please Note: All Customers are required to go first with me buying or selling

Ways you can contact me if I don’t respond to your PM here:

Known Impostors (Do not deal with):

  • /u/jusbro92__ is impersonating me on Reddit
  • @ jusbro92_ is impersonating me on Twitter
  • @ jusbroo92 is impersonating me on Twitter
  • jusbro92 & 2k20mtsellsjusbro92 is impersonating me on Instagram (Made my account which is therealjusbro92 on May 07 2020 to find out I have 2 impostors using my name on there)!!

Great seller!

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Legit and trustful.

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got mt?