Sold off some players to make the "Banana Boat" lineup

I know there’s a Diamond CP3, but I don’t have the money for him.

Could also upgrade the Wade to the Diamond, but I bought the Amy with a Diamond shoe that ups his 3 point shooting, and he also gets a boost from the LBJ duo. Not sure if it’s worth him for the badges / athleticism?

Got these guys all fitted in Miami Heat stuff, imagining it was a superteam during LeBron’s Miami Stint.

Didn’t know who to put for center so I used Shaq. At least he’s played with Wade and LeBron, and looks good in a Heat jersey.

Have you guys ever made a “themed” lineup?

I got the banana boat 4 with diamond cp3 and the amethyst dwade for the stat boost haha

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Nice! Haha. It’s cool to imagine this team becoming a reality. Who you playing at C?

Bosh would be a good addition, maybe an amy will come out soon?

I got kareem but sabonis is an actual god so I run him about the same amount of mins off the bench

For throwback playoff, maybe.