Sold everyone

So I sold everyone who else is doing this in preparation for the inevitable massive market crash during the playoffs, and 20th anniversary super packs

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What do we usually get in the beginning of playoffs?

At least last year it was the beginning of the end, it didn’t happen all at once but prices tanked over the span of the playoffs

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What do they usally drop? A playoff promo

I cant because i love my team and they’re all shoed n badged, I’ll just take the L :slight_smile:


If I sold everyone I wouldn’t have a team to play with. If anything I’ll replace 2 or 3 players max


I think I’m just going to do dom with a budget team, and by the time I’m done most cards will be dirt cheap and I’ll cop a cheap god squad

Yeah playoff moments and throwback playoff moments, and by the end it’s almost all 99s


Small chance the only Opals released will be rewards that need locking in. I would be surprised if they released Opals through packs.

I hope that GO shaq will be somewhat affordable, will super packs affect his price at all? My most desired card.

By June I think he’ll be affordable I think

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When does 20 drop? September?

That sounds right, but not sure

Patiently waiting for the playoff crash to either finish Giannis or finish Giannis lol


I don’t trust 2k to give us the content we expect, other then KG everybody else from series 3 will be in the playoffs so we mostly won’t see any new cards from them


This shit is taking wayyyyyyy tooooo longgggg…

They need to release ani 3 as a promo at this point or everyones gonna riot and bail on the game…


I did

They will get their 97 anniversary cards, then they all will get a 99 opal later

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They release like 2 or 3 cards, market crashes 20-25%, and hours later the crash only ends up being like 5%. Tough to sell with this pattern.


Yeah, this year’s crashes takes few hours at least.
Collectors levels and limited time on Moments are a part of it.

Panic sales were never so stupid, like this year.