Sold Everyone Got Kawhi

I sold all my players yesterday and decided to come back by end of the day but heres the new squad. Also kawhi is the beat card i ever played with. Cards a beast and im having alot of fun again with the new squad.

New team:

Old team

Johnny, that was a terrible attempt at a breakup. It reminds me of that person complaining about who they’re with, and wanting a change. They breakup and say they’ve blocked their number, deleted them from social media, and are moving on. Two days later you see them holding hands at the movies. Lol.

Nice… who do you like more diamond Jordan or diamond Kawhi?

Lmfao i was fine with my team. I just wasn’t having fun with the mode anymore. But i gave it another shot, came up with this team and had alot of fun last night. My wife keeps bothering me about LeBron but fk it lol.

I have more fun with Kawhi. He locked up a playoff LeBron last night with steals and all kinda clamps lol. I ran into a top 5 player on xb1 last night and lost by 6 because i got about 3-4 offensive rebounds in one possession, and missed about 3 3pt attempts in a row but still fun though.