Social engineering, AI manipulation, microtransactions

Edit: found the video and the imgur posts. It’s a lot, but I definitely recommend scrolling through the 44 pages. The last 4 pages are super blurry but VERY RELEVANT to what we’re experiencing. I love how they are grateful that AI can’t be accused of a crime, because manipulating children is a crime. This shit is downright disgusting. Here it is if anyone is interested in watching/rewatching or reading.

Top: 44 page album

Middle: page basically describing the EQ. Says that by creating frustration events, you can get people to spend money. AI is used to manufacture frustration events at the right times.

Bottom: video

My memory is really hazy on this, but does anybody remember the the post early in the year on 2kmtcentral about EA and how they have gone on record about how they manipulate game sliders? Can’t remember if it provided a link to a video or what, but I just remember it was super interesting. I think it referenced a published article and quoted many of the game developers. I’d like to watch or read it again. If anyone can help point me in the right direction I’d appreciate the help!


I can remember it, was very interesting! Would be keen to have another read too

Was it this one? I know there was a couple topics around this time

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Thanks dude, it was linked in that thread a couple posts down!

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I was definitely looking for this, but I feel like there was something else that had more to do with slider manipulation in game as it relates to my team. I’ll keep digging.

That middle page pretty much sums up the Super Max experience. Interchanging engagement and frustration. Too much frustration and you’re more inclined to get new players and buy packs. Too much engagement and you’re less likely to spend. Their algorithm is clearly fucked up- this round they’ve been serving me nothing, but frustration.

Anyway, this is eye-opening as I don’t want to be a sucker manipulated by some losers into spending my money on virtual items. And that’s clearly how I feel now. No more spending in 2k19 even if it becomes unplayable.


This is a great perk of being a budget baller. Aside from being less influenced by artificial frustration/excitement (imo), since 2K already figured I am not spending a dime, if some bullshit happens or you had enough you can always quit without having to regret having spent money on it.

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This is pretty cool. It seems like the more time goes by the more digging ppl do. N the deeper we dive into the bullshit 2k trying to pull on us. If they aren’t careful this cash cow they sitting on right now is gonna backfire on em. Im not sure when or how. But i just feel like the rug gonna get pulled out from under them. N i cant even lie. Im not hater i wanna see everyone win. But 2k has some karma coming in a real way. Cuz they on some bullshit

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I used to play like you until 2k17. Then I started buying packs, but nothing crazy. 2k18 really pulled me in, but enough is enough.

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Finally getting engaged @marekdab coughs equalized even… :thinking:


Disengaged rather. I’ve always had my fair share of bullshit, but I can’t take loosing 60% of games while the Lovinkins of this world feast on me. I’m not removing any of my PD players anyway and I still believe it doesn’t matter. I just haven’t paid for too long.

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After 2 rounds of PD my winrate is like 45% this round. It’s really bad.

I bet they’re tweaking their algorithm for next year. Maximum frustration mode engaged.


Then dont play supermax.
Try pno if they dont ruin that mode. Or myleague.

I’m pot committed at this point, so I’ll get Vince and be done. I’m also actually having fun again since I downgraded my lineup. Thanks for the suggestions though.

This needs more attention


Here’s the page on AI saving their asses from
taking accountability for their manipulation. They went so far as to use an example of an AI working for you and deciding that the best way to get rid of your annoying coworker would be to murder him. If the AI then committed the murder, it wouldn’t be considered a crime, because AI aren’t persons and only people
commit a murder.

Problem is, once the “enlightened” among us make our exit, the cash cows still remain. This shady behavior is still rewarded, and we’re left without an updated basketball game.

won’t buy 2k19. For me it was either not buying or buying the premium edition with extra vc. now I made the decision. I just can’t trust games with microtransactions that give you in-game advantages. and I don’t want to support such companies and these strategies.

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I’m playing less n less lately so I’ll probably just forgo 19, this company is full of thieves trolls and child abusers… NHL19 is looking too be straight fire anyways so I’ll most likely be consumed by that.