So you basically have to buy VC every time you level up? 2 on 2 is broken

Not seeing how you can earn enough VC from playing with one character…especially if you buy Gatorade and ratings boosts.

Was hoping to get away from having to buy VC, but I guess it isnt much in comparison to packs.

One other complaint is that two on two seems to be a contest of trying to fight through your teammate and the guy in bounding the ball to prevent your guy from getting an open three or free run to the basket. I was really excited for 2 ON 2…people ruin everything.

Hah never play 2s

Park can be enjoyable in the 3s court
I dont buy gatorade but the skill boosts are good


Ya three on three is way better…for some reason I was excited for two on two, but it’s ridiculous.

Gatorade Boosts are good for Pro Am games or park games against HOF Briuser users.

Skill Boosts is potentially game breaking because they’re are the difference between Glass Cleaners being able to shoot 3s and not.


2 on 2s are cheesy af. Unless you playing with your friend and both are using Bigs you won’t win

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Shouldve seen the 2s court in 2k17

Hof brick wall used to drop your player to the floor

Speed boosting sharps into those brick walls…

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Ya man its still like that. Some big ass dude was pushing my ass down on screens and was clearly moving the whole time.

Have fun with that mode my dude

I only play it when my friends and I troll around with our 3 pure locks

Im good on the 2s going forward haha. Ill stick to 3 on 3 and the rec center. I was scoping out the one on one and there is always a line to play and it looks like its all big men holding the court down since you cant stop them.

1v1 is pure post city gl on that too lol


I like 1s and 3s but am a rec center fiend. 700 games in and I was -50 w/l at one point now I’m +25 or so but randoms will make you wanna rip your hair out.

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You be down to run rec with me and my boys? We rather have a full 5 rather than 4 and a random

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Ya they run right at the rim and try dunking on the whole team while everyone is standing wide open…then other guys just leave sharps wide open in the corner all the time…probably because it’s boring to just stand there and deny them the ball, but still.

5 on 5 is fun as hell.

Is reddit the best place to read more on MyPlayer stuff?

I get pretty toxic on 2’s. I run with a pure stretch, and I’m a post scorer, so I just push for him and let him glitch behind me on inbounds. Rarely do I even touch the ball, unless I’m taking an open jumper, or posting up a smaller player. I don’t play around when VC is on the line.

YouTube is your best bet in my experience. Reddit is alright if you wanna ask a question but I would say videos will answer a lot of them.

Im down

2’s is absolutely toxic, 3’s better but heading the same direction. I haven’t played park in ages. It’s rec or team am now