So, Why Do People Buy Games New?

Unless the game just came out, why do I see people buying a game for $10+ more than they need to if they were just to get the used version.

Cant buy used digital


I mean physical games.

I was done buying physical games after my 2k16 disk warped

Well back when I had to buy physical copies I bought new so I could play them the day of release. That and I always worried a used game would occasionally have some kind of disc error from other people not handling them properly.

If you trust someone, you can essentially share accounts when it comes to buying games. My little cousin is linked onto mine.


dignity, risk of diseases or germs on the case, dirty disc or weird stains/marks on the case, etc. Just feels better buying brand new

Problem with digital is zero resale value, so it’s much more expensive in the long run.

Honestly I never once sold one of my old disc games, I like having them to look at and once in a great while play for nostalgia.

Yeah my buddy’s that way too. If you dont need the dough then its all good!

Games cost stores (GameStop, Walmart, etc) anywhere from $38 - $43 for a base hard copy of the game. Profit margin of approx. $20 right.

MLB the show, they are currently offering around $17.60 to buy the game for you in cash, and $5 or so more for credit. (This is with the payed PowerUp membership) what do they sell this game for? $49.49 with the same membership. About a $27 price differential. So they sold me a game and made $20, bought the game and lost $18, and sold the game again for another $27. They just made $30 to have a room with shelf space. (And this is if the person took store credit, add $5 for cash sales)

Long story short, get your scams outta here.

I buy it for the smell.


I know, businesses trying to make money is outrageous.

This is exactly how I got 2k19 for free. Didn’t spend a dime on this game for the first 2 months I had it and have only spent $175 total this year (Only $25 on VC, $150 on MT from sellers here). Better than the probably $1500 per year I had spent the previous 3 years.

Lol gonna be the first year i’m not buying mt from you :laughing:

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I’m big on consumer rights and physical media, but eventually I was won over by not having to swap discs every time for each game.

Not only this disc swapping convenience but I have 2 consoles. With digital downloads I only need to buy each game once and both consoles can play it at the same time.


Not only games but I’m just a rather buy anything brand new for a little extra money kind of person. Always been that way idk

I’m game sharing with my friend and we just split the price on the games we wanna play

Bo4 $30
Rdr2 $30
2k $50 (100usd edition)

With NBA 2K, it’s because I want to play it immediately upon launch. I want digital anyway.

And it is the only game I play so the full price is trivial to me.