So who still hasn’t got the free theme pack?

I got the second league pack and heat check now but the theme pack is nowhere to be seen. Is it just me? Talking bout the bonus stuff form preorder btw.

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No theme pack for me either

I would say the same thing as @ItsShake4ndbake did on twitter I think, PRIME packs are most likely what they are for and if so I’d honestly rather wait if this is the case

I’ve got a ticket in about it and all the guy said was “it might be delayed” but seemed to have no idea what I was talking about even though I provided a link and a pic…

i didn’t had any packs this week

Nothing for me


I think the heat check and league packs arrive Fridays.

The theme packs I think will drop as the timer expires for them

2k’s response: We did give it to you. It was for the daily login