So which Team Wins more Rings and why?

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Both teams gon need to have role players that can shoot. That’s some awful court spacing in those pictures lol.

C’mon though, that L.A team is easily winning more.

If you want to get technical about it though, the Lakers will always be favored in all-time fantasy matchups because they’ve literally had the best players in the league join them or drafted by them at one point or another.

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Jordan and pippen can take out Kobe and Lebron but no answer for shaq
Sub Ben Wallace for rose and I’ll take the bulls any day

Lakers. They basically have a more balanced MJ and Scottie, with the most dominant big ever.

I love DRose, but he doesnt fit with the other 5.

Lakers easy. MJ may be the best person in that picture, but Lebron, Kobe, and Shaq are all significantly better than Pippen and Rose.

Lakers not even close

If Kobe and Shaq play together 13 years like MJ and Pip its a wrap.

I might seem biased because I’m a Lakers fan but putting Kobe, LeBron, and Shaq on one team is the greatest core of all time

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Lakers have had 6-7 of top 10 players ever.


Everyone with a brain knows it’s the Lakers , Rose is overrated

Not overrated just over injured.

Can’t think of a better trio to assemble . would literally be unstoppable and unfair they would literally treat the league like a play ground and be bullies .

Steph Klay and KD.

The 3 best shooters ever. All on the same team? Imagine?

Oh wait…

Lakers easy in this scenario. 3 of the Top 15 players all time, while the Bulls have 1 in the top 25 or so (and Rose won’t make a top anything list).

Derrick Rose, youngest MVP in league history.

Should have been Lebron but I digress.

Yeah but people act like he’s won anything besides that 1 MVP

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To be fair, his knees exploded.

To come back after all that and drop 50 and reinvent himself is pretty cool.

Didn’t know Rose was overrated who overrates him ? . I think people just loved his game style and a what could have been story he was fun to watch his explosive nature was second to none. No one places him as a all time great Like 1-50 or something other than his fans and or stans .