So which diamond Paul George card is the best?

I’ve held back on picking up a card. Have any of you used all 3 cards and comment on which card is the best out of the lot?

Thanks yo.

If you don’t reach in a lot and don’t need PG to guard ballhandlers, it’s the new one.
Also, if you use him as shot creator, second one is better cause of better midrange stats.
Better defense except for the steal, faster, and best dunking stats.

I couldn’t resist because he’s always my favorite SF and got the new one, slapped his own diamond shoe on him and he’s been perfect in these 5-6 TTO games I tried him out. The definition of 3-D guy, with some added slashing.

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how much did you get him for?

Blue or Black jersey PG13? If you’re reading this which one did you go with?

The second diamond, dark blue pg is the best diamond

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On paper I think the blue pg is a better lockdown and the black pg is a better shot creator w the ball

Blue pg has a booty steal tho

Dark blue PG13 will be sadly retired when kd comes. He’s been such a reliable bench 2

Light blue is the best because he can get sharp/lock. Still have dark blue but I hate having shot creator on him

Takeover is a bit less important when on a bench role. I’d rather have the reliable defense and mid range on non takeover situations.

forget the white. and buy whichever you find at a good price from the 2 blue ones. (I prefer the newest one. better 3’s, but thats just me).

i think theu all play about the same the white is a steal at his price.

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