So what’s the verdict on skywalker

So what’s the verdict on skywalker

I really wanted him when I saw the leak yesterday but with the underwhelming badges I didn’t buy him right away. Got AC tho cuz everyone on here was saying he’s legit so why not at 10k. But if anyone has played some games with him can you tell me if he’s worth it to replace Crawford?


I love pepsiman

So how is he ? Planned to invest on him at 60/70k on PS4 last day of its legacy pack

I wouldn’t pay that much for someone without clamps.

I got him for like 130k and his jumper is way better then I was expecting, not super fast like trip or anything, but this card is fun which means more to me then op.

Bought one for 69k , made 2 games (hof domination) he is good but something bothering me : 95 speed , 82 speed with ball … thaught it was a Dwade under steroid but Wade is way faster with the ball + lack of range + lack of def badges … pure slasher so easy to defend in unlimited…

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The verdict is just buy PG if you want the best 2 in the game. Even PD Dumars or Moncrief are better for a lot cheaper.

They really short changed this man on badging. If he were at Joe Dumars pricing I’d pick him up to run him on my old head squad, but not for 100k+.

Sucks for fans of Skywalker that this is probably his best card until May or June when the troll cards hit.

He also goes for too many layups with such a high dunk rating

I should’ve answer in GIF format to the OP’s question. Sorry about that. The verdict is in…

Sold it 90k , not that good but it was more like a playable investment as he will climb back to + 100k (bought 70) but with this D12 spotlight i need MT