So... What’s the move right now?

It’s a big hit since they re-release those moments. And we’re getting new tb elites tomorrow? What do you think the move is? Buy the cards like PG13 Klay now or wait ??

Hoard MT. This is all designed to drain it.

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I have 4 jokics 3 ads 2 kyries a dia blake. Rose. I should wait to sell right ? Lol

They’ll probably recover some but the damage is done.

Do you think T-mac coming tomorrow?

Makes me think they may be making the move towards Pd Elites soon.

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Selling on Wednesday or Weekend.

Them doing this with moments cards today makes it more likely, that’s for sure.

Probably next Friday new promo with the first GO reward.


I’m only splurging on this because I have zero interest in Jordan and find it unlikely that I’d be interested in whatever TB elites come out this week. If you have interest in either of those then don’t get fooled into grabbing these moments cards in hopes of making quick profit before Friday.