So this PD Gilmore

Damn, I pulled him while I was going for Wilt. Figured shit, I’ll try him out and thought I would just auction after trying him once.

I’m GLAD I tried him in MTU. He is dominant. Snags rebounds better than almost all other centers I’ve used, post moves are fantastic - he’s even good in transition which I didn’t expect. Mid-range is money. He may have earned a spot in my squad for a while. Great all around C.

I checked the AH to see what he was going for and the prices on XB1 seem to be a steal. Might be time to say goodbye to Shaq :frowning:

EDIT Wilt looks like he is going for double what Gilmore is, and that’s a god damn joke.


Does he play better then Shaq ? Or is it just the extra MY

was just looking at his stats — he looks great

might cop rn

He feels stronger and his player model feels bigger, more of a paint presence honestly. He rejected shots that I just don’t think Shaq would. As far as non 3PT shooting C’s go I think he’s better than Shaq.

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@element how does he compare to pd hakeem?

How much is he?

Feels quicker than Hakeem. Keem is a good card (I don’t trash on him like others do), but Gilmore is the best post scoring & rim protecting C in the game right now imo

Well he shouldn’t be under 200k but I think he is rn. Wilt is like 300k and I’m thinking Gilmore is better overall. I guess it’s the name lol

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Is he better than PD Ralph in terms of inside dominance?

Speed/dunking vs height and 3 ball and 8 of the best defense badges

New card juice!


Its cleary rigged, every new card feels like a Opal in first few days.

ya i’ma pass

he’s 160k base & 200k w shoe/contract on xb1 — a little too steep for me at this point in the game

maybe if nothing drops tomorrow

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It was either 2k17 or 2k18 when he had an awesome budget card that someone suggested to me and I ran him for a while. I was so glad someone pointed me in his direction…
I checked his stats and beside some minor flaws he looks beastly. I am tempted to say the least. But if I like him Shaq becomes obsolete and that means one card less I use from the Blake set :thinking:

When/If i type this, all hell breaks loose :smirk:
I copped 4 yesterday and had bids on 3 more when i left home.