So this guy on the mic talking sht. I don't even use my mic

Kinda weird that some people talk the entire game and there’s nobody on the other side. I know they probably just lashing out there frustrations and can’t help themselves from being racist sht talking bastards . I just mute them now. This supposed to be a game. To take it to the levels some bring it baffles me.

First thing I used to do before a game was press mute in the pause menu. Nowadays I play with no volume.


You could always join a party so you don’t have to listen to it

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Just mute this mfers

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Not gonna lie. I do this every now and again. I try to be funny tho and not like an asshole


I set my messaging to “friends only” and mute the mic every game. It makes this fart of a game a little more tolerable.