So thinking about AK47 once again

Currently have 1005 cards, so 245 needed. If I get the rest of jerseys/playbooks/current players and finish all dominations, I should get there.

However I have to finish whole Fantasy and Alltime before and I have usually time to play only 2-3 games per day during the week (and who knows what will happen on weekend as last time). There will be some collections in the meanwhile that I will get, but do you think prices of mainly silvers may go rapidly down in the next 3 weeks? Because I doubt I will be able to finish domination sooner.

I can’t give you a direct yes or no, but the market for silvers is completely fake. We are building that fake market by buying and selling cards at those prices. Bronze cards are slightly more common and there are bronze cards available for under 1,000 just off the top of my head.

While I don’t think that the prices will drastically decrease within the next few weeks, keep in mind that we have new promos coming out soon. I believe the Rookie Sensations and Throwback packs are nearing their end.

The supply of silvers should increase, but the price of these cards is fixated on the belief that they are worth that.

AK 47 is great. Basically a Pink Diamond with low intangibles.

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Silver prices will drop once demand for tokens decreases.

It’s not a fake market, the scarcity of the cards combined with the demand for them makes the prices what they are. If they don’t improve the cards available in the token market, silvers will eventually be quick sell. But if they add new PD’s in there they will continue to be pricy.

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At the same time then, bronze cards should be more expensive than they currently are as well then. Market is going downhill as more and more packs are being introduced and this initial run of prices will crash.

I am sure that when moments, relevant heat check cards arrive in the league packs, the silver market will have a huge crash.
Just wait for the start of the season imo.

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Or get it in two weeks haha. That is quite a challenge. All depends on the weekend I guess.

It appears that silvers are significantly more rare than bronzes. At least across all the different pack types.

There are some bronzes that go for more than 1k. There used to be a lot more, but the market slowly got flooded with more and more bronzes, that most of them dropped to the 1k price point. Basically, any card that adds to collector level, has a price floor of 800-1000 currently.

Silvers just haven’t flooded the market the same way bronzes have since the Ben Wallace packs came out. They tend to be the final cards people need for completing collections, and the market is properly dictating the price of cards that will net you 20 tokens. Granted there’s also price fixing going on for certain guys. But for the most part, that 4-8k price range for silvers is the true market rate at this stage of the game cycle.

Edit: I’m currently at 1100+ cards, and I’ve been watching the market pretty closely (got my last missing silvers over the last couple of days). But I’m def not at expert level on pricing yet, as I don’t do a ton of flipping.

Yeah I’m thinking when moment cards appear that’ll be the start of decline in silver prices. I’d guess they’ll be no stronger than now till tip off.