So...since Melo can wear any shoe, what did y'all go with?

I want to boost his moving 3, swb, and lateral quickness, and don’t really know what to go with for the best takeover. Can he get post/sharp with D’Antoni?

Jordan XIIs

Jordan CP3s plus Kerr = Shortcreator/Sharp


What takeover does he get and who’s your coach?

I want post/sharp if possible.

Dunno, do’nt have him, but seems like the shoe that fits your liking

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That’s where I was leaning, but then I saw that he can wear ANY shoe, not just Jordans. Post/Sharp takeover would be amazing.

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Yer u right post sharp would be better for him , let me know if find out how to get it

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I got you if it’s possible.

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Whatever boosts lq swb and off dribble 3

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Those are the grey js. Im going to put those or the white js on him

Yeah i think it came down to preferring lq over defensive consistency since I’m gonna have to on ball his defense anyways

I prefer a boost to contested 3ball, I hardly ever shoot 3s on the move

That’s literally Melo’s game lol

Just got melo and put the white jordans on him. Seems solid so far. He feels like klay from 3 and lebron inside

Yer but he doesn’t have HOF difficult shots which kinda sux

Pink Addidas. Swb, steal, post fade etc

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Will Melo go down on price … i doubt it

Yes when KD or Bird drops next week

Man what happen with Lebron!!! He is going for under 300k :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob: