So now it’s in the end game, what did you hate about this years gameplay?

I just can’t handle playing 5 out dribble spammers so I gave up pretty quick.


I feel like myteam has been in the endgame since it began

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Peek-a-boos with Wade.

Any move that generates an open three nearly every possession unless you just give up the two is way too OP.

It’s the equivalent to dancing around screens with base 11 players last year.

I just don’t understand how they leave some ridiculous move like this in the game every year.


The user defense still cannot match up with offense at all and has less tools to stop the offense than ever before. The defensive AI is better but still awful considering the way the offense can just zig zag and hesi pull up and do whatever that other new move everyone does now.

It’s just not a basketball game anymore in any PvP mode you play anymore. And that’s just sad.


The inconsistency in the gameplay is what pisses me off the most I think.

The teleport BTB made the game unplayable, good riddance.

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Defense is kind of irrelevant unless you’re really good at charging at the ball handler then circling back towards the next passing Lane and hitting square 18,000 times. Hop steps and post hooks being way too op


That’s the problem man… If defense had the same animation tools as the offense this game would be so good man. But when you can teleport hop step past a dude to the rim and the only way to get a contest is to sell out and jump over and over again using your Pogo Stick badge.

For a game dictated so strongly by animations you’d think they’d show the D some love. And I’m not just talking snatch block animations. Those Clamps bump and riding animations? They’ve been in the game for years. Where are the ‘leaning off an ankle breaker/hop step for a half second and now recovering to good defensive position because the ball handler is still in my area and with the ball’ animations? Where are the pick shedding/trailing animations? There’s like what, 3 possible animations for the defender off of a screen? For such a PnR heavy game in both irl and digital this HAS to get an entire overhaul. Getting vacuumed into a screen to your right when the ball handler is to your left is a joke.

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Badges make CPU defense and off balling far too effective.

Then spamming the same non-realistic moves on offense even if they are in reality bad shots, generate points at way too high of a rate.

People swear they’re great when in past years they would have been simply blown out by resorting to what currently works.

User defense needs to be rewarded, and far more balanced. Mostly played cus the NBA season stopped and well 2k is the only thing on the Market. It’s amazing how much of a downgrade this year was from last years game.

Oh but the thing I hated the most, a simple hesitation pull up got nickname ‘peek-a-boo’ and that just irks me.

Defense. You can do everything right for your elite defender to get trapped in some slowmo animation to react as he gets blown by. It’s also so frustrating to block a player like Curry (sometimes twice in a row under the hoop!) To watch him keep getting the board (or should I say falls right into his hands) until he lays in some stupid standing shot with 2 big men on him registering as wide open


I think the game is way better than last year: Dribbling is more realistic, I love they made momentum shit unviable, that’s the most unrealistic move ever.

Also, last year defense was too OP, making offball way too strong. This year is balanced imo.

They had some great ideas, QFS and giant slayer really helped make quick small guards relevant again.

What I hate: giving ALL the badges to EVERYONE. This kills the purpose of badges in the first place and diversity.
Post hooks are a bit too OP imo.


The hesi pull up is legit the only problem I see with it is guys like Ben Wallace being able to do it. Curry does it all the time in real life. Good shooters should be able to get off a 3 anytime they want n that’s what the hesi lets u do


The worst part of this game is that Shaq can get stuck on a screen from Dame Lillard. Why is that even a thing?

Gameplay honestly is fine for the most part, the cards in this mode and even the mode itself need be rethought. I like exaggerated ratings maybe, but not full on fantasy unrecognizable players. 12-0 MTU needs to be scrapped.

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I wouldn’t mind it so much if elite defenders could go over screens at least some of the time and not get vacuumed into the same animation every time. Give defense similar animation tools to the offense and it’s an amazing game.

I will add baseline cheese to the list.
Its just not real, once a player beat the defender u rarely can stop a drive even with the best rim protectors.

I hate the feeling of ice skating, the full white glitch and the servers.

The toxicity of Unlimited isn’t gameplay related, but I’ll mention it anyway

I hate cheesers, just like every year.

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One big advantage the D gets is 2k gives contests on shots that would be wide open for an nba player. They have never understood that shot contests vary from player to player they make them the same for everybody. Sure u might bother porzingas wit a hand up 2 feet away but to bother curry or harden u better have a finger up their nose

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