So now ima see Jordan on every team in supermax

Since he’s apparently the easiest pull in the game. I’m considering cashing out. I don’t feel special pulling 2 Jordan’s today.

Some people opened 55 packs and didn’t get him. He can’t be that easy to pull. At least, not for people like me that 2K specifically targets with poor pack odds. That’s my only explanation.

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I’m hearing he’s cheap now tho might as well just buy one

I don’t see why this bothers you so much lol. Like THIS is what makes you quit 2k?

Yeah, this is a silly reason to quit 2k. I cashed out almost everything. I have a lineup I love and if I stop caring about winning, I guess I can have a good time.

Dude mine hasn’t even been bid on yet with 18 mins remaining.

Your Diamond MJ has no bids? LOL

It sold for 288k… dude… KAT was selling for 600k into the night. This is some motherfuckin’ bullshit. GG 2K, GG

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Well if it’s already closing at 288K, then I guess we may seem him down around 200K, maybe even lower.

In any case…it’s a nice sale for you.

Sucks for both: someone who spent a lot to get Jordan and he’s not auctioning for 500k, then someone who went broke going for him and didn’t get him at all.

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Agreed. I pray NBA live takes back their crown.


Slow down. NBA Live is so goddamn awful. Careful what you wish for!

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Take it easy guys . Remember everybody got Shaq , I rarley see him . Everybody got Harden , I rarley see him . Everybody got Lonzo , I rarley see him. I’m sure not everyone is going to see him

I am just being dramatic, and not entirely serious. I love 2K guys

Plus, I just bought diamond Kobe with hightop Curry’s for 150k. Thanks Jordan Day! You’re the best.

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Ya he’s only so common now because everyone is buying packs in a few days it will settle, wonder how much money 2k made on this promo, more than bird and magic combined I’m sure

I’ve gotta decide what to do with TMac, this Kobe with the Curry is much more my play style. Never tried one with the speed AND 3 boost. Lights out poster sessions.

Looks like I’m out of range for the PD

Guess it’s time to cash out

Stop talking about it and just do it, nobody cares.