one told me Heat Check CP3 is a boss

Locked him in for dirt cheap since I already had the most expensive players. Played maybe 9 games with him (8-1) & he’s straight up a lockdown defender even at 6’ nothing. Easy release & never loses the ball, even during double teams. He knocked Jerry West from his starting PG spot. This board let me down…or the other board.

Yep he’s a G. I’ve raved about him here on many occasions. His limitless range is a heat seeker at times. Splashes the net. PnR midrange pull-up? Splash. Dunking shoe on him? Poster. Drive and kick to a shooter in heavy traffic? Right in the pocket, splash. His flashy passes are fun too. I love using bounce passes with him when guys cut to the basket. Flashy passes on fast breaks!

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Man…ive been playing 2k for a long time and have never once done a flashy pass. It’s sad to admit that I dont even know how. SMH. Everything youve said is accurate. I had a diamond red nike dunk shoe a couple months ago I wasted by putting on Chris Bosh. I would pay 50k MT to be able to switch that shoe on West or CP3.

Can he be acquired now if you don’t have any of the cards?

Double-tap circle (or B or whatever) for flashy passes. I do them ALL the time. I also go in and change my default setting from normal to flashy

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Yeah… I already had Elgin, Kareem, Porzingis, & Sabonis with diamond shoes…so the rest was insanely cheap to lock the set.

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Seems easy enough…but whats the benefit over a regular ass pass?

They can be faster, and the defenders don’t react as quickly. It’s why Jokic is so good irl. You ever hear of “looking a defender off” in the NFL? That’s the effect you get, provided that you don’t chuck the ball out of bounds :wink:

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I used to do that a lot…till I found out going with a true PG with hof dimer is the way to go. Cant believe i’ve ran LeBron, Giannis, Ben at PG. I will never again fall into the cheese.

Beware that the game ultimately punishes you for creating open shots, though.

Do what a lot?

Oh I know all too well. Thats when I run p&r or post fades/mid range pull ups until the equalizer is done shitting on me. The 1 game I lost w CP3 was to a dude in sapphire league with 3 PD’s & 2 rubies on the floor at all times. I run 1 PD on my whole lineup & still got beat due to missed open 3’s & giving up 17 free throws.

Throw the ball out of bounds.

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I don’t think the 5 on the court have as much to do with the EQ as I used to. I think it’s got more to do with your overall team ratings, but also player skill. I’ve played 2K for so long that the “default” release timing is muscle memory for me, and it’s close enough to qualify as “good” for most players. I think the more well-timed shots I take, the more shots my opponent makes. I give up historic levels of (over 70%) shooting a lot, and most of the shots are well-covered, if not smothered.

I LOVE heat check paul. I just wish they gave him a duo with blake