So...Madden now gives you the pack odds for each type of pack

2K should have to do the same.

spoiler: they won’t


The truth hurts so bad! :pensive:

Are madden odds good? Whats the percentage of pulling the best guy from a pack?

This is a big step

From an elite pack it’s a 3% chance to pull an 87+.


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At least they admit how unfair it is


I respect it 100% but that just shows what a ripoff we all knew this was


I pulled 89 Gronk from a fantasy pack that was 150 points though. :sunglasses:

Wouldn’t be shocked if 2k’s are even worse

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At least they’re being up front and I wonder how odds will change for promos and players of the week?

The pack odds for Live werent that bad. I know the game is nowhere near as popular but u were guaranteed a legend and most of them were 90+

EA is doing the same for Fifa, so Live and NHL will more than likely do the same.

That’s dope but we know that will change if the game gains popularity. Sad really

3% isn’t bad tbh if you buy a fleer or Panini pack the odds are very slim that you pull a rare card too. The only difference is one is virtual the other is physical

exactly so one no matter what loses all value in a year and one could be worth thousands in 10yrs

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True but the whole game mode is built around packs and chances of pulling cards, if you take that away you may as well play myGM. Some cards are rare some are common. What i don’t agree with is 2k seemingly being able to “flip the switch” and juice odds based on time and/or money spent on an account. At least MUT is showing you your chances up front as opposed to 2k hiding odds

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Tbh if enough ppl are down, id be cool with sticking to an online myleague with no microtransactions. Reminds me of fantasy bball

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