So it's 1PM EST, any sign of those new packs? Nothing new today...?

Honesty pretty bummed that there’s no ASW promo, it’s always one of my favorites. And it’s easy to get used to a diamond Vince around this time of year. At least I got a PD Wilkins, I guess.

Anything poppin today?

Edit: Maybe it’s a good thing so I don’t feel compelled to take a long lunch break to run home and spend money :man_shrugging:

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Hope for a promo is dead, maybe a PD Westbrook later for his 40 point TD last night.

Pretty bummed too always enjoy the all star throwbacks of years passed. Hopefully market is still tanked when I get off work.

It will recover a bit throughout today, the Kobe rush was yesterday and if there’s no new content today people won’t be ripping. Will still be a buyer’s market though, I think

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This is the worst all star weekend and it’s not even close


Holding out hope that they took the day off so they could work through the weekend :pray:t5:

Y’all hype for Kobe already died? Haha


Who knows man but all star weekend and no PD Vince carter is a disappointment

I thought we were getting the ASW promo tomorrow? Or is that just the award winners in packs?

Award winners only

That’s tuff

Yea they got them sells like this week like it would be way more content today. But was only for kobe.