So is starting GO CP3 at the SG the wave?

As title says. Since most people run supersized point guards 6’9” or above cp3 just can’t defend those at quite an elite level. But most people run a proper SG at the 2 and generally people don’t run the ball through their SG as much so is that the smartest way to go? Magic/hedo/giannis/pip at the 1 with cp3 at the 2 and use cp3 as primary ballhandler on offense?

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You just gotta see how good opponent is, you can deffo get away running him at point against a lot of people. Against the ones you cant just put him sg.

makes sense, I don’t like playing supersized like that but 2k just nerfs little guys more and more.

I tried running Magic Cp3 Jordan Griffin Kareem
but I realized youre expecting or looking for too much with him at the 2, his shot is slower than the rest so expected delays, easy blocks/contested.

I bring him off the bench at the 1 with klay at the 2 and i’ve been dominating ever since

If you run plays slow shots wont matter if you get wide open.

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Yeah that’s another thing, people start supersized pg at the 1 in their starters, however once you get to their bench most people I play run a real pg, or at the very least someone only around 6’5” which I can definitely handle.

Shooting over / Blow by on CP3 is the wave

Paul doesn’t seem to be worth the trouble. No mater where you run him he is undersized, and liable to the post-up. Its hard to justify benching Magic over him, and moving him to the 2 imo doesn’t make him better. Your’e never going to lose a game and say if that guy didn’t have GO Paul I could have won

Haven’t lost against GO Paul yet and I’ve exposed him every time.

Who he finna guard when I put melo in at the 2 to post him up?

The mans a liability.

Oh well, between sniping and the locker code I paid 750k or so for him and got a bunch of cards I’ll use forever, I’m not disappointed and I’m not competitive enough to be one of the true try hard cheeses. Ya boi just wanted his favorite player haha

Haven’t run into cp3 in unlimited yet but I’ve cooked him everytime in TTO. Everyone in my lineup is 6’8 or taller so it’ll still be gg in unlimited anyway.

I’m not sure who you guys are running into w/ CP3PO, but they’re probably trash. This card is Beastly. I’m running him in TTO & I rarely run into anyone who can even guard him.

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