So is nobody messing with the diamond pierce?

I’m no where near the PD board so that 92 fade-away is nice, his animation to me is better then Jordan with the fade

Not worth 100k in my opinion

Noone pays 100k+ for a card that you can getter a better version of (basically) for free.

I am honest: the PD starzed to annoy me AS of late. First i liked him but bis slow release really limits bis usefulness. I have Bern heavily contested too many times wäre i would have had an open shot with other cards. He is also wuite slow which is Kind of a Problem on the d when he is matched up with really fast players.
If he has mismatch he is great, but just too many Ifs to really recommend him full heartitly

The card is usable, but imo players like Antoine Walker are better. This Paul Pierce kind of plays like Melo does today. Good, but I think there are better options, especially since he goes for 100k.

On PS4 he’s dropping below 100k, but still not worth it to me considering that I have the PD.

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Not for free at all. I am about to finish All Time Domination, and with the tokens you can get out of it you can barely scratch the diamond board.
I will be able to pick 2 diamonds soon, and that’s it.

If you want to crack into PD board you need to lock sets to get the tokens, you know much better than me. And that costs MT. So none of these PDs is really free.


Not totally free at all but locker codes tokens + mt you’d pay for the diamond + dominations + grinding tt makes more sense. 75 tokens board was huge for example.

I’d take that way if was a Pierce fan.

Sure, but for one that completed all the Dominations and didn’t lock any set, like me, the ceiling is 2 diamonds.
To unlock Pierce are needed the remaining 8 diamonds (60*8= 480) and then the tokens for 1 PD (150).

That makes 630 tokens, which is basically impossible to make with just TTO and locker codes, at least not before August :joy:

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Zero hof badges at this stage of the game is not worth it

Nope !!

did you go for 1000 cards already? i did that after the magic crash(i think)

The PD is trash besides a post fade…cant imagine how shitty the diamond is

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I agree. He’s great if you have a mismatch, but otherwise his release is just too slow for me. I still have him at the end of my bench for certain matchup/situations.

No, I am too poor for it. I have barely 200K and 350 cards…

I still don’t have Greg oden lol

Y’all leave my boy paul alone :joy: the diamond isnt worth it atm but the PD ! The PD Is a killer Haha :scream_cat:

I just reached 500 cards to make my own custom jerseys and sold off. But even if I reached the 250 tokens, that would give me 4 outdated diamonds and leave me 380 tokens short of the 1st PD…

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Pd = God


Let them sleep. PD PP is easily my most consistent card on my squad and it’s not even forced.

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