So is it time to sell Tim Demon Deacon Mr Fundamental Duncan or hold?

He’s the best big you can buy right now, but he’s going for an arm & a leg. Hold or sell my auction house know it alls?

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sell and replace him with the ADMIRAL

Not even on PD rewards yet. 70 tokens away from 1st PD



Sell Him

Lucky you bought 2k20?

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Hahaha nope. I just watch gameplay that duncan is OP lmao

Well I’ll sell then. Theres bound to be someone on his level coming soon

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Yes bro. The 7+ footers.

Kareem is gotta be soon. I thought this exact thought today. Should I just sell everyone.? KD too ? I’m gunna go for magic. Late to the party but starting the grind. Almost done drummond

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Magic is worth it all day.


Get some tokens and mt along the way. Some reward cards. And a good way to get some evos done. I wonder how long magic will be op at 1

Until another Magic comes or a Ben Simmons.

I’d hold on until we get the last prime player. People will pay extra trying to get that Opal Ray Allen

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His price will only go up.

This. He’ll also be a top tier center for a long time. Mine has 87 speed, 87 three, 99 block, 81 pass accuracy and 96 post fade. Can’t beat that. Not to mention all his other 98 stats and 12 HOF badges. Only Wilt comes close


Amy drob has matched every single PD duncan I’ve played against. Great card, but not worth the current price.

People sleep on ruby wilt. That card vs the PD is the same as the Amy/diamond Giannis. Same exact badges, with only a couple gold->HOF updates, and then some nice attribute updates.

But the price difference between ruby wilt and the PD is way wider than between Amy/HC/diamond Giannis cards.

I would 100% sell high on duncan, and buy him back cheaper, later.

Amy drob, and either ruby wilt, rik smits, or lafrenze are plenty serviceable as your bench Cs right now, for the price.

I sold today and got 230 around 5pm

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I mean there is always a risk of super packs


Someone check my Timmy on Xbox. The only one w a shoe (post takeover shoe). Ends in about an hr and 45 mins. I’m at work, hoping for the best. I started at 500 bid 4 hrs.

I paid 192 & added a 9k shoe. So I need at least 220 to break even.