So is buying PD Lebron right now a silly idea?

Since people saying he’s gonna get a code?

I have 1 and i keep him. He could/will be part of duo packs. I doubt he gets a code.

So you would say don’t buy one now ?

It’s hard to say. Sometimes it’s the best call to buy before a drop when people panic and throw their cards on the AH. I bought him 1 or 2 weeks ago when there were 10 or 12 up at the same time.

How much did you pay

how much did you get him for?

300k without shoe or contract

Not buying anyone til this week ends:smiley:

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Would you say 350k with contract and white kobes was a good price?

I was wondering if 300 with the contract and grey kobe was good but if he’s In packs or a locker code he’s gonna be 80k with that combo

Yes. Especially contracts are getting more and more expensive.

No way lmao. Don’t forget Lebron was in draft packs too and that barely dropped his price.

Even if he is in packs, I don’t see Lebron with the contract and grey kobes dropping below 150k.

The locker code will kill him

Just remember you can’t buy the cards with the shoes. I don’t expect the KD with grey and a yellow Kobe’s to go less then 100k post crash.

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I would do that immediately. Already saw the one in AH. Best shoe for him, Ovi.

What about 350

That’s also the best shoe when running the duo, since it adds to his boosts perfectly.

He ends up with 99 open 3, 96 contested 3, 99 off dribble 3, 99 ball control, and 99 speed with ball.

300+ just feels steep at this point in the year