So I Reached 3200 Cards…

Aside from AI, Harden, and a few other things offline wise, I have pretty much everything I could lock in, locked.

It’s gonna have to get to a point where 2K is gonna have to release 20-30 card drops. July is the Finals but I want to be able to have DM Tatum by the Finals lol


Isn’t there a Tatum that’s damn good already? U basically collecting the 2k18 version of Shaq right now. That grind was pointless. And tbh this one is too. Just a shiny trophy. But do you my boy. Maybe he is an invincible card. Imo he has to be for it to be worth it.

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There is, but the Collector Tatum is guaranteed an Invincible/all 99 card. And I always go for the Collector level in 2Ks.

he will be like wade from last year. Wade was technically a GOAT card cause in the end they 99 stats everything for him. They will do the same for for taytum this year too

Cards are basically there already tho lol

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Yeah bro, no way it’s worth it. I planned on going for him, but I stopped before Dame bc that card was a top PG for what, a week? If I remember correctly Wade and AD were available a lot sooner that Dame and Tatum, and they still weren’t as good as guys like Ben and Wiseman.
These rewards seem even worse. There’s already a free Dame better than the collector Dame lol. He wasn’t even a 99 ovr. If they dropped Tatum today he’d have to be Invincible to be worth it at all, with guys like PG, Bron, and Thon


I’m pretty sure he’ll be all 99 anyway. And I’ll get the MT back once I sell everything back (Kobe, KG and Tim were 7 million for me, I’ll get more back when they’re out of packs)

But im still gonna go for it


I’ll promise you by the time u get the cards for Tatum those invincible cards Gunna be half price. Remember how fast goat cards value fell? Like u said 2k still has a lot of cards to release

U def can sell back but the mt u put in is Gunna be worth way less once u sell.

I didn’t know u were a tatum fan like that haha

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I just remember the go giannis grind. And as much fun that card was still didn’t feel worth it once end game showed up cuz they released an opal giannis anyways lol

Only 3200 cards??

I ve got near 3000 with only 30 or 40 cards from current 3.
If I buy all of them and the jerseys, courts and logos I will reach 3500

For collector level have 6 or 7M on 3 cards is a big mistake, imo.

Collector Level is a big L this year. After 500 cards only 2 more rewards at 2000 and then at 4000 cards. Whatever their strategy behind this was (if there even was one in the first place) it failed. People need rewards on the way. So easy to implement like give us some good cards along the way as this Diamond AK from previous 2Ks or at least a good chunk of tokens or MT but nothing for 2000 cards, really?!

The only people going for 4000 reward card Tatum are a couple of hardcore Celtics or Tatum fans and the super grinders.

For me personally it not the worst thing in the world so I am not tempted at all to go for the the last reward card spending days in the AH. And I do not have to do the ridiculous spotlights on current to ease up the card count.

Last but not least Tatum is not a OP card in 2K like Giannis, Kareem or maybe a cheesy 7 footer with 99 stats.


Such an L. Honestly guys hang it up this year on collector level. Basically every card can already do everything thing already so no reason to go out of your way for another one.

Don’t let 2k mess with you.

The existing Tatum is already good enough. The “invincible” sticker is pointless. What’s he gonna have that this DM Tatum doesn’t?

The card will probably come out the week before 22 at this rate

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I am an obsessive collector and I love getting new cards/playing the Auction House etc.

And even I’M not going for Tatum!

2K fucked up collector levels so bad this year that they somehow made even the biggest collecting whales disinterested.

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