So I just got finessed by 2K

Sick plays. 450k. Not credited to my account.

I’m sick of this game already

How tf did it not credit you and then give you negative vc?

This game

Bro I don’t know. If I don’t get it I swear to god

Yea I’ve heard good things about the gameplay but I’m hearing the same 2k bullshit like not getting the vc people paid for or not getting mt from the cards they sold.

Its happening to alot of ppl, happend to me to

You didn’t get your VC?



Ipodkingcarter had this problem

Naw mine was 200k

He said he had to wait a few hours then purchased 5k vc and it was all there

So im thinking once the servers calm down a bit it will show up

And as i say that i go to the pack market and it popped up

300k vc now, chexk yours

551k. We’re good.

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So really this whole rant was pointless lmao. Stay patient and don’t buy vc 2 secs into booting up the game

Shhhh. I just expected the same 2K BS

I’m probably skipping this year.